Organic Magical Goodness
All Natural Hair Lightener!

Naturally lighten your hair with our special blend of unique organic nutrients. OMG is gentle on your hair for an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive hair lightening treatment!

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OMG Hair Lightening Examples


How long does OMG hair lightener take to work?
At least a couple times of sun exposure. The longer in the sun the better the highlights. You will see results after at least 2 applications.

Why is OMG a better product than other hair lighteners?
OMG is a special blend of organic ingredients and contains no hydrogen peroxide, like other products.

How do I Use OMG?
Apply a generous amount of OMG to wet hair. Comb through to distribute evenly for all over lightening. Toss and style.

What happens when you use OMG on color treated hair?
All color treated hair is different. OMG can help enhance highlights from color treated hair. It’s always best to test a strand of hair before applying all over.

Does OMG work with a hair dryer?
OMG works with heat activation but as always natural sunlight is the best.

Is it safe to go in chlorine water (swimming pool) with OMG in your hair?
OMG contains no hydrogen peroxide and therefore, it should not cause a chemical reaction with chlorine.

Does OMG hair lightener really work on brunettes?
OMG works for blondes and light to medium brown hair. It’s always best to test a strand of hair before applying all over.

What if I have an issue with my order?
Please see our Guarantee page so we can help you resolve the issue.