Organic Magical Goodness
All Natural Hair Lightener!

Naturally lighten your hair with our special blend of unique organic nutrients. OMG is gentle on your hair for an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive hair lightening treatment!

Before OMG         After OMG
OMG Hair Lightening Examples

Our Story

After spending over a decade of color treating my hair, and all the costs and time associated with it, I decided I was ready for a change. My hair was over processed with so many harsh chemicals including hydrogen peroxide and the expense of maintaining the look was adding up! There had to be a better way to take care of my hair.

I wanted a healthier, more affordable way to manage my hair and return it to its natural luster and shine. Can you have healthy looking natural hair? The answer is YES, now you can!

Welcome to OMG: Organic Magical Goodness, an All-Natural Leave-In Conditioner Hair Lightener. I created an organic hair product to add natural highlights and softness to your hair … a bottle of pure California sunshine!

I researched and experimented for years, then researched some more in order to develop the ideal formula for an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive hair lightening treatment.

True to its word, OMG, is made with premium organic ingredients and is created to enhance your natural golden tones, leaving your hair healthy and silky-smooth.

So leave the salon behind and join me at the beach!