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All Natural Hair Lightener!

Naturally lighten your hair with our special blend of unique organic nutrients. OMG is gentle on your hair for an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive hair lightening treatment!

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OMG Hair Lightening Examples


I would just like to say a few words to those who have not yet tried OMG. I first used this hair product on the beach in Mexico. And yes, working with the Mexican sun my hair was lighter after the first use. But, in spite of that same harsh Mexican sun, the health of my hair felt very much enhanced by using OMG.

- Briar O.

I have used a lot of products and this product is by far, the best. This product works and I do not use anything else to lighten my hair.

- Elinora P.

I have saved so much money by not going to the salon every month for highlights and dying my hair. Excellent product. I have light to medium brown hair and OMG lightened it perfectly.

- Jane H.

I think your product is amazing and just wanted to drop you a note to say so. My favorite thing about OMG isn’t how it affects your hair color, but rather how it smells … it’s unlike any other product on the market and makes me feel so sexy just putting it on! Sure, it does a great job lightening your hair, but the real magic is in the scent. Talk about goodness!

- Ginny S.

I would recommend OMG to a friend. Fantastic product for blondes.

- Sara J.

My favorite thing about OMG is that when I get back from the beach my hair feels better than it did before I went! The awesome golden highlights I get are just the icing on the cake! This is my new must have summer product! Thanks everyone at Omg!

- Akasha F.

OMG, I love it! Great product to enhance your hair color for lightening. I use it instead of spending big bucks at the salon.

- Vicki M.

OMG is incredible. It’s so easy to use and smells fantastic: all I have to do is put some on my hair before I got to the beach and by the end of the day my hair is lighter, softer, and stronger. Thank you so much! I love this stuff.

- Alex T.

I’m a natural brunette but like to think of my hair’s color as flexible, especially during the summer. Thanks to OMG, I can let the honey highlights really come out while I’m in the sun! It naturally lightens hair while conditioning, and its scent is so yummy. This product allows me to lighten my brown hair a few shades slowly without any damage. It seems too good to be true!

- Jennifer L.

The best hair lightener EVER!

- Wendy D.

This hair tonic is incredible. I have saved so much money by not going to expensive salons to have my hair chemically highlighted; instead I can naturally lighten my hair in the sun with OMG — a plus for my wallet and the health of my hair! It really does work and I encourage everyone to try it!

- Duis W.

OMG works really well if you want a naturally blonde or lighter work. Great for the any outdoor activity.

- Karen F.

I use OMG to brighten up color in between professional foil treatments. Saves money. You can’t beat the price.

- Samantha D.

I love Omg, its so great for the summertime!

- Becky W.

I have blonde hair and I was just looking for something to bring out my natural highlights, not give me a totally different color. I think OMG is a super product to say the least.

- Michelle S.

I use OMG hair lightener all the time. I get fabulous highlights being in the sun for a couple of hours. I use it while I’m gardening or walking my dog, Elvis.

- Caitlin P.

I have had numerous people ask me where I get hair done and I say, OMG you won’t believe this…

- Sandy D.